Car Show Plates

Give your car some extra style with a personalised show plate

Are you really into cars? Do you use car forums, go to enthusiast shows or even attend cruise meets where you discuss your recent modifications, check out other cars, their modifications, show off your own pride and joy?

A show plate is a signature on your car. It provides the finishing touch and makes it yours.

Using Numbers as Letters

Use numbers as letters on your number plate to spell your name or the cars name. You can even have some fun choosing a UK Road Legal plates using this method and with a careful design you don't have to worry about swapping it when you get to your car show (even if your registration number is road legal the design might not be)

  1. a - use 4
  2. b - use 3 or 8
  3. e - use 3
  4. g - use 6 or 9
  5. h - use 11
  6. i - use 1
  7. j - use 1
  8. m - use 11
  9. n - use 11
  10. o - use 8
  11. r - use 2 or 12
  12. s - use 5
  13. t - use 7
  14. u - use 11

Click the image below to start designing your car show plate.

Car Show Plates

Demon Plates do not sell registration numbers, we simply make the plates. Remember that your design must also be road legal to use on UK public highways

(Revision to this section - From the 1st November 2008, the manufacture of 'show plates' became illegal. Before this it was illegal for somebody to use 'show plates' on the UK highway. Now it is illegal for any company to manufacture a number plate which displays a VRM (vehicle registration mark) which does not comply with current legislation. We no longer make or sell show plates).

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