Number Plates FAQ

1. How long can I expect to wait for my number plates?

We begin working on your plates pretty much as soon as we receive the order. Under normal circumstances, number plates are despatched the same or next working day from us receiving your order.

2. I do not see the size I require, can you accommodate?

With our CNC routing technology, there is not a size of number plate that we cannot create. Because we use a CNC router to cut our number plates, the corners are rounded and the edges are smooth just as you would expect with any other size of number plate. If our site cannot give you the size you want then we're here for you. Give us a call on 0845 838 5167 (office hours) or e mail us by clicking me. We will be happy to assist you. Be advised, we are happy to create a plate shape or size that will display the number plate digits at the legal size. We will not create a plate which is too small to display digits at the regulation size.

3. Can I supply my own artwork for inclusion?

Sorry, no. If what you're after is not shown on our site then we cannot help you. On the 1st November 2008 the law changed making it illegal for plate manufacturers to supply a plate with a VRM (vehicle registration mark) that does not comply with legislation. Anybody that does supply a plate which is not legal is breaking the law themselves.

4. Are you registered with the DVLA to make number plates?

Yes we are and have been since the Register Of Number Pate Suppliers (RNPS) was set up on the 1st Jan 2003. Our registration number is : 1338.

5. Are you able to make the old black/silver number plates?

Yes we can however ours are non-breakable acrylic and not pressed steel as they used to be in the old days. In the UK, only vehicles which were made prior to 1973 are permitted to show black/silver number plates, so you have been warned. To order black/silver number plates then you need to do so on the telephone and not on this web site. Call us on 0845 838 5167 (office hours) and we will be pleased to assist you.

6. Will my number plates arrive pre-drilled?

No they will not. All vehicles have their fitting holes in different places and for this reason we do not pre-drill your number plates. We always recommend that you use the sticky pads in our fitting kit. When ordering number plates on our plate builder, a fitting kit is included in the price you see but you do have the option to remove it.

7. How long do I have to cancel my order?

number plates are a bespoke item and are made especially for you and nobody else. At Demon Plates, to ensure that we keep our customers happy with rapid delivery times, we start on an order as soon as it is received. Because of this it is not possible to cancel or amend an order which has been placed on either the internet or the telephone. You should be sure when placing an order that you do in fact wish to place one and that you place it correctly using all the correct details.

8. Do you take telephone orders?

We sure do. If you do not wish to order on this web site then please do call us on 0845 838 5167 (office hours) and we will be more than happy to take your order by telephone with your credit/debit card as payment.

9. Can I pay you by cheque?

Sorry folks, we work at speed to achieve a rapid turn around of our number plates. Accepting cheques just slows the whole thing down through waiting for them to clear through the bank. For this reason, our plates may only be ordered with a credit/debit card either online or on the telephone.

10. Can you show me a design before you make the plates?

Yes and we're happy to do this for you. However, to deter time wasters we do not carry out any design work without an order first being in place and payment details taken. You call us up on 0845 838 5167 (office hours), we'll take the order from you on the phone and then e mail you the design as many times as it takes till you approve it. Our number plates are the best and this is another example of our service being the best also.

11. Can I have my plates sent to an address different to my cardholder address?

Sorry, no. This is something that we are very serious about for two reasons. Firstly, we are more than aware of the problem with car cloning and by only sending number plates to the cardholder address we are making a big effort in our bid to reduce it. Your number plate is yours, you would not want us selling plates showing your number to somebody else would you? Secondly, we do not want to suffer as a result of credit card fraud. It has happened many times in the past and we take every measure to try and ensure it does not happen in the future. Sorry, we only send our number plates to the credit cardholder address and these details are stringently checked.

12. Will you make plates with an illegal spacing?

To mis-space or mis-represent the digits on number plates is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 1971. Regardless of how you enter the spacing in your order, we will space the digits legally and the plate/s you order will be despatched with the correct & legal spacing of digits.

13. Do you really sell Registration Numbers including a set of plates for only 20.00 + delivery?

No we do not. As the site clearly states in many places : Very Important. You cannot simply make up a registration number and use it on the UK highway. Either yourself or the person you're buying for must already own the registration number you will use. Demon Plates do not sell registration numbers, we simply make number plates.

14. Is it legal for me to have a badge on my number plates?

Awaiting inclusion of answer

15. Do you ship your number plates internationally (outside of the UK)?

Yes we do. We do and have shipped our number plates to many countries in the world. With our design software and CNC routing technology we can recreate any design or size of number plate. If you are calling us from outside the UK then please do so on 0044 845 838 5167 (in UK office hours - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) and we will be more than happy to help. Sorry, English language only though I'm afraid.

16. Can I order a single number plate and not a pair?

Yes you may, see below a screen shot from our plate builder

To the left of where the price is shown, you will see that you have the option to select both plates, front plate only or rear plate only and the price will change accordingly. You may add as many single or pairs of number plates as you wish to the basket and buy them all in one transaction with one carriage charge Click Me now to go straight to our plate builder

17. Can I order multiple sets of number plates in one order?

Yes you may, you may add one plate, one pair or as many single or pairs of plates as you like to the basket and make your purchase in one transaction. To proceed to the plate builder and order number plates then click me.

18. Will the number plates show the makers details and the legal markings 'BSAU145d'?

Yes our plates will show these markings because this is what the UK law requires for plates which are used in the UK. People seem to think that we put these markings on the number plates because it gives us free advertising. This is most certainly not the case. We put these markings on there because it is required by law and your car could very well fail an MOT without these markings. The markings are only approximately 2.5mm high and although they can be read, they are really small and do not interfere with the plates design. The markings have to be on plates made by companies within the UK for plates used within the UK to assist the police in the reduction of car cloning. If a set of our number plates are used in crime then the police know who made them and they will come to us to ask who they were sold to.

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Thanks for a great service.
Very happy with the plate.
Guest's review

Top site easy and fun to use. Kept me informed every step of the processing of my plates. Very quick delivery . 10 out of 10..
Guest's review

Gave our ideas, we were emailed an image of what our plate would look like, looked great. Pleasure to deal with. The plate was dearer than a previous pair we ordered from somewhere else but they are far better quality and wont' deteriorate like the previous cheaper ones.
Guest's review

As a car trader I have bought many plates in the past. Take my word for it, Demon Plates are the best on the web. Excellent plate and even better service. Bravo !!!!!!!
Guest's review

I ordered my plate on Friday afternoon and they arrived on Saturday morning. Excellent service, great looking plate, and a happy customer!
Guest's review

Just want to say I am extremely impressed with the great quality plate, and your "Formula 1" speed delivery, ordered yesterday, received today, great service. The plate looks fantastic! I was aware that documents were legally required for the plate before delivery, so no problems there.
Guest's review

Ordered a set of plates one evening and by 10.30am next morning had received an email saying they had already been dispatched. The plates arrived within 24 hours and I'm delighted with them. I chose the 'Domed Black' style, which look terrific as they literally stands out from the plate, and best of all, they are completely legal!
Guest's review

Demon Plates is a pleasure to deal with, excellent easy to use web site, very very fast delivery and excellent prices. I chose the Carbon effect plates and they look superb, they suit my sports car to perfection. I've been stopped a few times already and complimented on the plate...... love it!! Thank you again and i will recommend demonplates to everyone i know!
Guest's review

I have used this company several times over the past 3 years. There service just gets better each time. I ordered my plate Sunday night and received them Tuesday morning and these were the carbon type special size. You could not get a better quality plate anywhere. Keep up the good work.
Guest's review

Good communication throughout. Fast delivery, simple process to design the actual plates - I was particularly impressed with the number of designs available. Excellent quality plate. I would definitely use again. Highly recommended.
Guest's review

Fantastic service I ordered the plate the previous day and they came the next day, super fast delivery and fantastic plates, recommend to any one, demon plates are true professionals at what they do 100%. Simple and easy to use web site makes thing's whole lot easier, no problems or complaints. Regards.

Its so refreshing to deal with a Company that are so professional. Very pleased with the plate, yes you can get cheaper but not the same quality or service. Even with the postal strikes delivery super fast. Will be recommending.

I'm hugely impressed with the service and the speed that my order was dealt with. I ordered my plate, by phone, on one day and had the plates in my hand the next day. Given that Demon plates are 200 miles from me I would say that was lightning speed. Thanks and I will use you again, if needed, LONG BEFORE I consider anyone else. Well done, Demon Plates.
Guest's review

I have just received my 3rd set of plates from Demon Plates. Once again the plates and the speed at which they arrived was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Demon Plates to anybody. Well done guys - keep it up!
Guest's review

Demon Plates - Amazing service. Very good quality of made number plates. Super fast dispatch. Order made on friday 10.22AM, received next day at 9.45AM. Just brilliant.
Guest's review

Demon Plates are excellent all round. Easy to use web site - gives plenty of choice and lets you have all the legal information too. The number plates turned up so quickly and looked great - Thoroughly recommended. Thank You.

New buyer to the site and when I got my number plates delivered from Demon Plates, they were magic, look great on car, would recommend anyone to purchase from site, fast delivery. Top class, also received a 50% discount on next set.
Guest's review

Firstly is by far the easiest online plate supplier I have used, the turn around time from design to dispatch is amazing within 48 hours (I ordered in the evening) i had received my new plate. my local automotive supplier told me I would have to wait 4 days minimum for my plates, and that was halfords. I highly recommend demon plates and will be doing so to the whole of the vauxhall owners network. keep up the good work.
Michael Tedd

Hi I ordered one set of plates, when they arrived I was delighted with them, the delivery was so fast as I live in northern Ireland I would recommend Demon Plates, to any friend, the workmanship and quality was excellent, regards.

Just to say thank you for super fast delivery of my plate and I am more than pleased with demon plates.
Guest's review

Very quick and efficient service, the number plates look very nice and were protected by a film for transit purposes, they came within a couple of days of ordering, they were as described, they look very expensive so quality assurance great! Certainly be passing on this site to friends and relatives. Thank you again Demon Plates.
Guest's review

Received my plate today after speaking to a very helpful sales assistant, as I had concerns about internet payment. The service could not have been better. My requirements were met to exact requirements and the service was quicker than if I bought them and had picked them up locally!! Believe me ... I checked! Many thanks for a lovely job well done. Definitely recommended and I would be a return customer without a second thought. Thanks guys.

Hi Guys, I received my new number plates within 2 working days of placing the order - which was great - thanks. I loved the facility on your site of being able to design your plate and change colours - it really made a difference as to which company I chose. You "do what it says on the label" - Great number plates, Great speed and Great design. Thanks again.
Sally Adams

Excellent web site - plate delivered in good time - exactly as I'd designed them online. Had 'fingers burnt' with a rival firm - these plates have UK legal size font and the all-important manufacturers name, postcode and BS standard number included. Will be proud to display them on my car from tomorrow and thoroughly recommend to friends and colleagues. Many thanks.

Wow. These are great quality plates & super fast delivery. Thank you. PROPER JOB!!! Thanks.

As per the request on your 'order acknowledgement' email regarding feedback, your service was fantastic and the Demon Plates web site really easy to use. I received the plate in less than 48hrs well packaged and by registered post, in perfect condition Well done!!
Guest's review

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