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The DVLA has achieved a record price for the registration number 1 V, which was one of many lots in a cherished number plates auction in Warwickshire.

A Dubai property developer paid 411,261 for the number plate, and plans to put it on his wife's car. The previous record was achieved by 51 GLN, which sold for 321,000 in 2006.

"We just knew this number plate would be among the highest we've ever had," said DVLA Personalised Registrations Marketing Manager Laurence Jones, "and the pre-auction bids certainly showed it to be true. But we were still taken aback when the bidding went as high as it did."

There is now considerable speculation as to what someone might pay for 3 O number plates when they go on sale on Friday. But whatever the figure is, it's unlikely to approach the 500,000 which has been quoted as a possible price for 2 B if it were ever put up for auction.

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