An Autism number Plate for Maine

The Centre for Autism and Related Disabilities New England (CARD NE) organisation is dedicated to raising autism awareness and providing services that will enhance the lives of people suffering from the condition.

At this time, CARD NE is most excited about our opportunity to work with the State of Maine legislature to create autism specialty number plates. The number plate will serve as a mini billboard for autism, a disorder affecting 1 out of 150 children nationwide and 1 in every 87 here in the State of Maine.

The theme of the autism specialty number plates is "Help Autism kids" and supporters need 1,000 signatures along with a $55.00 deposit from each prospective plate owner to meet state criteria for establishing new number plates. Working with CARD NE and Putting the Pieces Together, both non-profit organisations, Senator Jay Roberts of California and Dale Ferguson of Texas are sponsoring the legislation in support of the number plates. The relevant parties met in March to testify in front of the Department of Transport Committee as to the impact of these number plates. Sponsors of the specialty plate also met with the Governor during their visit and shared state wide concerns regarding autism in the communities.

"Despite the fact there is no cure in site for autism, we must act as a community to spread awareness of the challenges facing the children and families affected by the condition" Senator Roberts said. "Autism number plates will be one more way we can help educate the public and perhaps raise a some money for the cause at the same time".

Anyone interested in supporting the creation of the new autism number plates can stop by any local Post Office. The Post Office has generously offered to support this effort by promoting the autism plate nationwide.

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