Badges to be required on number plates of inexperienced drivers

Newly qualified drivers are to be required to display a prominent blue badge on their number plates, under new legislation.

As of the 1st of next month, the badges must be displayed on the number plates of cars driven by drivers with less than a years experience of driving on the states roads.

The Vehicle Licensing Authority (VLA) offices in the Arndale Centre were not busy, but sales of badges for the number plates were expected rise dramatically as the deadline approached.

VLA head Ian Jones said slow sales were expected at first.

"It just a matter of getting people used to the idea, " said Jones. "It was the same thing with mobile phones or seat belts."

Some critics argue that the law is unfair and may lead to young people, who have the badged number plates being stalked.

"I don't see that being a problem, in the UK they've had green L's on their number plates for years and I've not heard of any problem there."

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