Local man's passion for number plates makes for book

Ever since he was 6 years old, Paul Bradbury has had a love for number plates.

"From a very early age I was fascinated by number plates" said Bradbury, an IT professional from Ann Vermont. "I started then and just became a lifelong passion of mine".

Now, at the age of 39, Bradbury's fascination for number plates has inspired him to create a book.

His book, titled "Number Plates of the World" was released in May and is a full-color 210 page manual detailing and illustrating more than 4,500 number plates from around the world.

His book includes many well known number plates, such as plates from China, the UK and expensive vanity plates. He also includes some rather odd ones too.

"Every country is unique when it comes to number plates" said Bradbury, who is a member of the Tameside Chamber of Commerce.

Bradbury has collected more than 20,000 number plates during the years.

When he was young, his father, David Bradbury of Springhead, hung number plates on one of the walls in their home. One day, his father decided he no longer wanted them so he gave them to his son.

"I thought they were bright and colourful and really neat at the time" he said.

From then on, collecting number plates became a passion for the younger Mr Bradbury. Such is his expertise he has done consultation work for the Department of Transport, the DVLA and various detective agencies.

"Anyone that is interested in number plates will appreciate it" Bradbury said of his 3 year venture.

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