Number plates may have to last

Burton Council Finance Director Bill Phillips says legislation being considered by the council is going to hit local car owners in the pocket.

The bill would push back the periodic redesign of number plates for six years. If it passes, it would push back the redesign to 2016 and require the number plates be made of thinner material than the current ones.

The issue, Phillips explained, is that the number plates won't last as long as they do now and there will obviously be a cost in replacing them.

From a financial point of view, it's as a good thing for the council, but I can see motorists getting upset about it" Phillips said.

"It costs the council $2 million for a new batch of number plates and we'll earn about double that from their re-sale" he continued.

Phillips said the longevity of number plates should never have been part of the discussion and that the council should be seen to be helping their constituents, not trying to rip them off.

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