Clampdown on illegal number plates

Karachi - The Karachi Traffic Police have started a special campaign against the vehicles displaying illegal number plates.

The police have advised the citizens to use number plates on their vehicles according to prescribed format, it was stated by Dr Mohammed Masood, Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) of Karachi.

According to details, Karachi Traffic Police started a special campaign against illegal number plates advising that the citizens should replace illegal number plates with the proper format.

The SSP have stressed to the citizens to display number plates according in accordance with the law, which enables the police to catch the criminals, using vehicles displaying fake number plates.

Motorcyclists are also advised to display front number plates instead of writing the registration number on mudguard of the motorcycle.

Motorists were also informed to display number plates either computerised issued from ETO Office or a number plates shown in black lettering with a white background for private vehicles, or black lettering with a yellow background for public transport.

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