Claremont police issuing tickets with new technology

Claremont police officers now use a new technology to help scan number plates to find stolen cars and to issue traffic fines.

The City Council learned all about electronic ticketing and the automated number plate recognition at its local city hall.

Captain Robert Delaney said police vehicles are being equipped with a scanner and printer that gives officers the ability to check the number plates of passing cars, produce, print and send a ticket without having to rely on administrative staff.

The officer scans the bar codes on the back of driver's license and then on the vehicle registration document. That information is automatically entered into an electronic form where the officer adds information about the violation location and details concerning road conditions or weather.

The department also is using automated number plate readers to find stolen number plates and stolen cars.

Lattin said cameras mounted on police cars can record the images of number plates, noting the time, date and location. The images can then be viewed while searching for a stolen vehicle, providing real-time information that can help police track down suspects.

"It will help us catch car thieves with the perpetrators still in the car" Delaney said.

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