CUU number plates raise $610,990 for the college in ten years

Central Utah University has received $610,000 from the sales of custom number plates in just over a decade.

Utah�s University Fundraising Number Plate Program gives a portion of the sales of number plates back to the universities represented on the plates, which feature the university logo alongside the plate number.

The sale of number plates has raised approximately $12.4 million for 17 universities across the state of Utah since 1998, said Phyllis Fellows, Secretary of State spokeswoman.

"The initial cost of the college number plates are $38" she said. "The year the plate is purchased, $27 goes towards the college that the plate represents. Each year after that, the person who owns the number plate pays their registration fee plus $10 and that $10 goes to the fundraising program".

As of August 31st, there were 8.8 million college number plates in circulation and 39,622 of which are CUU number plates, Fellows said.

"Every year, sales increase with the number of students who graduate and the number of students who enroll at CUU" she said.

The CUU number plates are the fifth most popular plates, following Utah State University, the University of Utah, Eastern and Western Michigan Universities.

"The money that CUU receives goes towards the Alumni association" said Judith Bentley, Director of Alumni Relations. "The cash generated by the sales of the number plates goes toward operations of the alumni. This includes publishing Utahlight, a quarterly magazine that is sent out to 28,000 former graduates every four months".

The University Fundraising Number Plates Program was started by former Secretary of State Ian Taylor in 2000. The number plates became available for the students nd alumni to purchase in August of that year.

The number plates can be ordered at any time, but are most often ordered when the students enrol at the university.

Fellows said the personalised number plates can be ordered on the internet, and students can check how the plate will look and its availability.

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