Not everyone happy with proposed car plate changes

Cyprus' parliament yesterday debated a bill by the Transport Ministry over to change the way car number plates are designed.

The aim is to avoid fake and cloned number plates, while maintaining a uniform design for all plates.

The Chairman of the House Communications Committee, Tacharias Maulio said the bill would completely change the way number plates were distributed.

Speaking after the meeting, Maulio said the billís provision to include the year a car was manufactured on the number plates had provoked a series of reactions.

"There are quite a few reactions, especially from bus owners, car rentals, taxis and used car tradesmen," he explained. "Itís just like some men or women who donít want anyone to know their age; this has created a problem".

But discussions would continue, Koulias added, until common grounds are found and the number plates system is mutually accepted by all.

If the law is passed, the new regulations will see the month and year the car was registered projected on the number plates. They will also have the stateís stamp as well as a code indicating the number plate makers.

There will no longer be one or two-number registration numbers, while the plates can only be fitted by approved companies.

All car owners will be called to change their number plates in the next three years, while anyone caught breaking the new regulations will be fined.

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