Couple put 'Ego' in personalised number plates

Meet Dakota's first most vain couple.

The number plates on Paul Hurst's metallic grey Ford Mustang tells the his fellow citizens that he is MR EGO.

And the number plates on girlfriend Emma Hankinson's blue Honda Civic informs us she is MRS EGO.

The young couple pay an extra $22 each year to the Dakota Vehicle Licensing Agency for their vanity number plates.

"People in our apartment block just call us by our number plates because they don't know our real names" Hankinson said.

A 2008 survey found that about 1 in 8 Dakotans have vanity number plates - making it one of the highest in the union to have them.

His number plates said 4 EGO when he met Hankinson at a club in 2006.

As a beauty therapist, Hankinson said she likes to look good - she spends about an hour on her makeup. But Hurst is more vain than she is, Hankinson claimed.

In January 2008, Hankinson, purchased her first set of pesonalised number plates. Hurst followed suit the same day.

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