Over 34,000 people fined for fancy number plates in Delhi

New Delhi (PTI): Those who want their vehicle's number plates to make a style statement, keep this statistics in mind - over 34,000 people were fined so far this year by Delhi police for not adhering to norms specified for it.

A total of 34,459 people were challenged by traffic police in the national capital this year for driving motor vehicles with registration number plates not conforming to specifications, a senior police official said here.

"We have collected Rs 34.45 lakh as fine from people in this regard this year till March 25," the official said noting that police have already issued advertisements asking vehicle owners to adhere to the rules.

Violating the norms with regard to number plates attracts a fine of Rs 100.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, all the letters should be in English (uppercase) and numerals should be in Arabic.

The background colour of number plates of private vehicles should be white while the colour of the letters should be black.

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