More than Dhs23m raised from 62nd number plates auction

Vehicle number plate (G 60) topped the sales and fetched Dhs1,390,000 in the 62nd Distinguished Number Plates Auction recently held by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at Jumeirah Beach Hotel; which raised total proceeds of Dhs23,775,000.

'The aggregate amount raised in the 62nd Auction is testament to the success of Distinguished Number Plates Auction in Dubai,' said the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan.

'The Auction made a good progress towards meeting the demand of a wide segment of the public wishing to own distinguished number plates. This is reflected in the attendance of about 300 bidders who participated effectively in the bidding process and hailed the improved procedure of organizing and displaying distinguished number plates. During the Auction 105 numbers were offered comprising 2, 3, 4, and 5-digit numbers of categories F, G, H & I,' he added.

Out of the total 105 numbers offered, 4 were 2-digit plates, 43 were 3-digit plates, 32 were 4-digit plates, and 26 were 5-digit plates. In the sales ring, 2-digit number plates topped the list of proceeds with the number (G 60) clocking the highest sales price of Dhs1.39m, next came (G 27) which fetched Dhs1.3m, followed by (H 90) selling for Dhs1.25m, and (G 45) which was sold for Dhs1.18m.

3-digit numbers, which included 43 numbers, was topped by (H 100) which was sold Dhs1m and the 4-digit numbers, which included 32 numbers, was topped by (G 4444) selling for Dhs610,000, whereas 5-digit numbers, which included 26 numbers, was topped by (G 88888) selling for Dhs670,000.

'The Distinguished Number Plate Auctions, which are held almost on monthly basis, are having continued successes in attracting a wide spectrum of community segments hailing from various emirates who are making serious bids to own distinguished number plates being offered. RTA is therefore seeking to continue with upgrading the Auction in terms of procedures and diversity of issuing new numbers to meet aspirations of these individuals to own distinguished number plates,' added Bahrozyan.

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