Proper display of number plates

The humble number plates have but one job, identifying the vehicle they are attached to. Without number plates, how would we know who is the vehicle owner? How would we complain about a dangerous driver or report our car as being stolen? Photo enforcement would be stymied and even the dreaded parking ticket would have difficulty.

Vehicle owners seem to find every excuse to do what they please, particularly with regard to front number plates. It looks unsightly, I don't have a mounting bracket, the bolts have rusted. Throw it on the dash, wire it to the bumper, put bicycles in front of it, don't keep it clean, slap decorations over top, the list is endless. Even the provincial government has got into the act with an olympic number plates that are difficult to read at a quarter of the distance you could read standard number plates at.

The short answer is that if you are issued two number plates, both must be displayed. One fixed to the front of the vehicle and one to the rear along with the number plate light. If you are only issued one, it goes on the rear.

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The DemonPlates Number Plate Maker allows you to design a registration plate using a number of advanced customisation options. When you enter your new registration number you are shown a preview of the number plate in seconds.

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