Club offers a license plate fit for 'The King'

Elvis always wanted a young persons center in his home town of Tupelo. New specialty number plates are aimed to achieve that goal - more than 60 years after the legend thought up with the idea.

The Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club pushed the number plates tag through the Legislature last year.

The club needs to collect 500 applications to ensure production of the number plates that feature an image of Elvis and they want to meet that target by June 22.

About 243 applications for the number plates have been obtained from supporters who will pay an extra $25 for the number plates.

Club president Simon Williams said Elvis held benefit concerts to raise money for a new youth center, but it was came to fruition.

The club hopes to partner with the city and the Tupelo Aquatic Club and use proceeds from the number plates to build a center that would include a pool and dressing rooms, Reese said Tuesday.

"That was what he wanted: To take care of town where he grew up," said Williams.

Presley moved to Memphis when he was 13, but never forgot where he grew up.

First, the club had to persuade the Legislature to approve the specialty number plates, one of dozens available in Mississippi. After a design was completed by Tupelo's David Lewis, Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. had to sign off on it and approval by the Mississippi State Tax Commission is pending.

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