Expensive Registration Plates

Do registration plates cost more than a new car?

In Shanghai they do.

If you thought Car Number Plate registrations were expensive, be thankful you don�t live in Shanghai. According to a regional news agency Number Plates are being snapped up for prices that averaged at MORE than the cost of the Chery Automobile 1.1 litre QQ subcompact and TWICE the per-capita disposable annual income in the city!

At 39,800 Yuan (just over �2.5k) the QQ subcompact is one of China�s most popular cars. Yet in June 2007 over 9,000 number plate enthusiasts won plates for an average of approximately �3k at auction just for a cool registration. A Mercedes Benz owner purchased the number A000A1 for over �27k. It started at under �400. The lowest win was approximately �3121.

Shanghai, widely regarded as the citadel of China's modern economy, started the monthly auction of registration plates in 2002 in part of an effort to solve congestion problems. China scrapped the launch of customised Number Plates in 4 of its cities after drivers started to get creative with plates like FBI001, SEX001 and IAM007

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