LNP candidates foiled in plot to cash in on number plates

Brothers Aidon and Triston McLindon, who are standing for the seats of Beaudesert and Logan, are understood to have hatched the plan on New Year's Eve to sell number plates bearing the letters TNV and RND for $17,500 a set.

But, in an reversal of fortune, the candidates are about $2100 out of pocket after both sets of number plates sold for less than their original price.

The number plates were listed on an internet auction site 9 days ago with a starting price of $97.

The auction closed with 19 TNV plate bids and 24 bids for the RND pair.

The number plates originally cost the pair $1287 a set from the DOT.

Worse still, the TNV number plates were bought by TNV Ipswich political identity and veteran councillor Guy Wilkinson, who says he is revelling in his role in foiling the plot.

Councillor Verity, a member for 35 years and an Ipswich councillor since 1985, said he was happy to have acquired the ALP number plates, but the fact he cost the LNP money at the same time was icing on the cake.

"These guys wanted to make money out of ALP supporters but have fallen a spectacular $33,000 short of their target" he said.

"It was very pleasing to pick up a $25,000 set of number plates for $1500 and help the LNP campaign in Beaudesert and Logan go financially backwards".

"If this is the sort of business acumen which the LNP is planning to bring to the State Parliament with fresh faces, heaven help the people of Queensland."

Verity has been an avid number plate collector since personalised number plates were introduced in 1985 and has an impressive collection of number plates including rare combinations such as SQO01 and ZQO01.

He said bidding on the ALP plates had stalled at $1025 with an hour to ago before the auction closed.

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