'FU2' number plates slip past VicRoads censors

Custom number plates with the provocative message "FU2" are up for grabs after slipping past VicRoads censors.

Melbourne businessman Alan Lane hopes a driver will pay $10,000 for the silent signal to traffic cops, parking officers and fellow road users, the Herald Sun reports.

The plates are among an array of rude regos listed for sale on trading websites and through private dealers. Other offensive plates on offer include "GONADS", "HOOTRZ", "SMUT69" and "FNMEAN".

Mr Lane said the gold-on-black "FU2" number plates were a steal at $10,000.

"The same number plates sold for more than $300,000 in the UK," he said.

"There's a real history to them over there: they were owned by a London porn baron and a former porn star."

Mr Lane said the number plates were intended to be fun, not offensive. He suspected road authority staff who approved them did not realise the message.

"It's a bit of fun. People in the fast lane will laugh," he said. "But I suppose there are a lot of old fuddy-duddies out there who will take offence at anything."

The keen car collector fell foul of VicRoads censors when he tried to obtain the plate LQTUS (which he intended to read as LOTUS).

The roads authority also blocked his friend from registering SNATCH.

VicRoads has the power to reject applications or to recall number plates issued but later deemed offensive.

Censors look for profanities, sexual references and negative safety messages.

VicRoads sold more than 25,000 custom number plates last year, while 16 sets of plates were recalled.

Spokeswoman Michelle Field declined to say which combinations were ordered off the road.

Plates rejected during the application process have included GSTAPO, LEGLIS, ORGASM and MURDA, she said.

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