'They are breaking the law'

Every day one passes several vehicles with front number plates missing. The predominant reason for that must be to avoid speeding fines when caught on a camera.

One reads reports on statistics of fines issued at road blocks but I have never seen a report where one ticket was issued for lack of number plates.

Tickets are rightly issued to people driving without drivers' licences but I suspect that a large percentage of those people are people who just forgot to take theirs with them. I know that I have from time to time got in the car to quickly go and fetch something from the corner shop and then realised I had forgotten my licence at home. That does not excuse the fact that the law has been broken an a ticket is justified. Driving with missing number plates should, however, be treated equally.

To my mind the drivers of these vehicles must be a danger on the road because the only reason I can see is so that they can continue breaking speed limits with a reduced chance of being caught.

Last Sunday, on the short trip from Somerset West to the Strand, I counted four vehicles in the space of half an hour with front number plates missing.

Our law enforcers should take this offence more seriously and I believe the respective vehicles should be pulled off the road because they are definitely not roadworthy without number plates.

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