Michigan's new crime busting number plates

Michigan is taking an fresh approach to tackling a crime that effects thousands of it citizens each year.

The state wants to reduce the incentive to steal and then reuse the tabs of number plates, done to make it appear a vehicle is properly registered when it isn�t. The crime forces law-abiding motorists to waste time and money getting replacement number plates.

The latest idea tested in a pilot sceme is to print a vehicle�s number plates number on the tab itself. That should reduce the value of the stickers because it will be much easier to cars with mismatched number plates.

Motorists also should continue doing things that have cut down on the problem in recent years. That includes scraping off the tabs of old number plates before putting on new ones and coating stickers with clear nail varnish. Both actions make it much harder to peel off the whole sticker.

The state�s efforts will have long-term value if they can prevent thefts in the future � both of number plates and of drivers� time spent replacing them.

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