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  1. New Utah number plates to feature retro design
  2. 'Beautiful Vermont' number plates set to go on sale
  3. State number plates need more scrutiny
  4. Hawaiian vanity number plates: How far is too far?
  5. Speeding drivers saved by magic number plates
  6. Memorandum causes number plates confusion
  7. Proper display of number plates
  8. CUU number plates raise $610,000 for the college in ten years
  9. Collector has thousands of number plates
  10. Number plates scam: Delhi man held in Goa
  11. Lucky 8 number plates land 5 men in jail
  12. MVD may offer vegetarian number plates
  13. Lewis prevents raid on environment number plate money
  14. Clampdown on illegal number plates
  15. Drivers count mounting cost of number plates
  16. Clampdown on designer number plates
  17. Still no decision on personalised number plates
  18. What's next for UK number plates
  19. Car dealership won't submit number plate paperwork
  20. Michigan's new crime busting number plates
  21. Local man's passion for number plates makes for book
  22. Court case over fraudulent number plates postponed
  23. Claremont police issuing tickets with new technology
  24. Logan considers new number plates
  25. Moorhead State supporters get new number plates
  26. Govenor vetoes bill for new number plates
  27. Lawmakers want to review specialty number plates
  28. Number plates gaffe upsets local woman
  29. State changes its plan for new number plates
  30. It's not slang! Nevada court permits 'hoe' number plate
  31. Faith-based group sues state to get specialty number plate
  32. Ten Years of Passing the Plate in Florida Helps Wildlife
  33. Golden Gate number plates stuck in slow lane
  34. Who buys "Gold" number plates?
  35. Jesus Doesn't Need New Tags, But Robert Does
  36. New Texas number plates arrive
  37. Number plates to conceal?
  38. Top judge's car 'Breaks the Law'
  39. Hundreds caught with illegal plates
  40. Car registration racket exposed
  41. Chinese army, police seize thousands of fake military number plates
  42. GF Police test out plate readers
  43. Number plates stolen by 'trophy hunters'
  44. Colorado Kids 1st number plates support Early Childhood Councils
  45. RMV taking applications for number plate lottery
  46. Customised number plates all the rage in Victoria
  47. R.I. House approves Sox, Patriots number plates
  48. Choose your favourite dolphin number plate
  49. Texas number plates get a new look
  50. Gregory: I love my Villa number plates
  51. Petrol thieves behind theft of car number plates in Birmingham
  52. Watch your number plates - Police warning
  53. Can't figure it out? Neither can the victims
  54. The number's up for plate fraud, say officials
  55. Highway chief's number plates gaffe
  56. More than Dhs23m raised from 62nd number plates auction
  57. The hunt for better number plates
  58. CODOFIL unveils custom number plates to encourage Francophone identity
  59. How much will you pay for your number plates?
  60. Florida drivers won't get new Christian number plates
  61. Crackdown on tax-exempt number plates for foreigners
  62. Combining number plates bills ensures bills' death in Florida legislature
  63. 'Magic' number plates disappear from Hohhot roads
  64. 'FU2' number plates slip past VicRoads censors
  65. Cool number plates available for a price in Ho Chi Minh City
  66. Drivers finally given right to fly national flags on number plates... but they'll be illegal in Europe
  67. What's in a number plate?
  68. New fees for number plates announced
  69. Eco friendly idea could add outdated number plates to ponds, pastures, landfills
  70. Number plate collectors honor state's tag
  71. Small numbers equal big dollars
  72. The world of clever, odd (and sometimes naughty) number plate requests
  73. Number plates a sign of the times
  74. Club offers a number plates fit for 'The King'
  75. New French number plates hit the road
  76. Politicians not in office, but don't tell their number plates
  77. 'Share the Road' number plates rolled out
  78. Lone Star Texas license plates
  79. Police warning for Lord Provost over illegal number plates
  80. New warning over number plate scam
  81. Number plates frame some laughs
  82. Friends of Coal number plate bill moving forward
  83. Money from recycled number plates will help build house for needy family
  84. State agrees to replace 'demonic' number plates
  85. Over 34,000 people fined for fancy number plates in Delhi

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