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If you've driven on motorways for any length of time you'll have seen the long haul truck drivers with their cab�s decorated from wing mirror to wing mirror. Nine times out of ten the trucker will have a personalised number plate on display with his name embossed on it so that his friends can toot their horns in greeting when they see him on the road.

If you've ever wondered where you can purchase such a personalised number plate then ponder no more! The answer is at

Demon Plates offers a number plate creation service so that truckers and other members of the public can order their Personalised Number Plates easily online. Because these novelty Number Plates will be displayed inside the vehicle and in addition to the standard car number plate, you do not need to worry about registration plate law. Only if you are planning to replace your main number plate do you need to consider registering this new plate with the DVLA.

Of course, a personalised number plate of your name does not need to be limited in use to your car. Petrol heads and car enthusiasts also order customised number plates for their home, using the car number plate to display a house number, a house name or as a door plaque for a room.

The beauty of the Demon Plates service is that it offers you a wealth of options to help you create the number plate you really want; you don�t have to be restricted to the default number plate style or feel restricted because of your budget.

The number plate tool allows you to choose from a range of fonts and dozens of background styles. You can then add a coloured border and even a matching badge to the left side of the number plate; helping you to make the plate your very own creation. If you only need one plate (front or back) that�s no problem! Demon Plates do not force you to buy the pair as all Number Plates are made to order. The other very clever feature of the Demon plates service is that it allows you to preview the number plate as your design it so you�re guaranteed not to be disappointed.

Design a Novelty Number Plate

Novelty plates are also great ideas for wedding cars and business vehicles, to find out more simply click below and start designing with our online number plate creator.

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