NM may require two number plates for vehicles

New Mexico could join the ranks of states that require two number plates, front and rear, under a bill in the works at the state legislature. Cops say two number plates are better than one when it comes to quick identification of a car or truck speeding down a busy highway or just sitting in a dark parking lot.

And that's why Albuquerque's police chief and other chiefs and sheriffs support the bill. They actually asked retired cop-turned lawmaker Bill Rehm to sponsor it in the legislature.

"Let's just take a person who's gonna steal a number plate and put it on another vehicle, he's now gonna have to steal both number plates and put 'em on another vehicle, said Representative Rehm.

If the bill passes, New Mexico would become the 32nd two number plate state.

The bill is currently in a holding pattern in the House of Representatives while lawmakers question the cost.

The state Tax and Revenue Department, which is in charge of motor vehicles, says another $5 cover a second number plate.


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