Number plate victory for MP Bob

PATRIOTIC motorists can display the Union Flag on their number plates without breaking the law, following a successful campaign by Castle Point MP Bob Spink.

At the moment, the law only allows the EU flag, a circle of yellow stars on a blue background, to be displayed on UK number plates.

From April 31, a new law will be introduced which means drivers can carry the Union Flag, flag of St George or the national flags of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on their number plates.

Dr Spink, who already sports a Union Flag on his number plates, has been campaigning to change the law.

He has vowed to give away number plate Union Flags to Castle Point residents who would like them.

He said: I have been fighting this small battle in defence of the rights of British people. The number plate flags law is far from the most important I have changed, but it reflects our nationhood and it demonstrates how effective an independent-minded MP can be in changing laws.

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