Number Plates for Bicycles?

In today�s climate of environmental awareness, greener forms of transport are being actively encouraged by all UK councils. None more so than the London Borough Councils who also have to deal with some the most congested roads throughout the UK.

This resurgence in popularity for the humble bicycle is, however, causing a few problems in the UK�s capitol as unruly cyclists are flaunting the law without risk of prosecution due to the inability to identify one cyclist from another.

The Mayor of London is trying to propose a bill in Government that would require all bicycles (and their owners) to be registered, promoting the uptake of a new bicycle number plates so that the minority of cyclists who do break the law (ignoring traffic signals, right of ways, cycling on pavements etc.) can be identified.

Although still early days, the bill has already been shunned by the RAC Foundation and British Cycling saying that an educational program of mutual respect between road users and pedestrians should be initiated before forcing cyclists to have to register and receive a new number plate. Both the RAC and British Cycling feel that forcing cyclists to register would infact, simply force more people back into their cars and increase congestion in the Capitol.

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