Fancy numberplates for vehicles good for exhibition

Pune - Pawar = 4912, Dada = 4141,
RAJ = 2151, Paresh = 4221,
Sathe = 2716...

Stumped by these "equations"? The Indian traffic police were, too. They are inscriptions on number plates of vehicles.

Finding them difficult to decipher, the traffic police confiscated 1,150 of these fancy number plates in the last 5 months. Now, the traffic control branch of Pune police plans an exhibition and a museum of these fancy number plates to drive home the point that such plates won't be tolerated.

"The exhibition will not only be entertaining the public but also highlight the problem," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic) Voijay Patel. The fancy number plates stop the police from identifying the correct details on them.

"We have seized about 1,400 fancy number plates of different vehicles across the city over the last four months. Once the number exceeds 2,000, we would go for an exhibition," Patil said.

"The place for the exhibition is yet to be finalised. But we will be displaying the fancy numbers for the public during various traffic awareness drives. The number plates are now at the premises of the traffic control branch," he said.

During the exhibition, police officials plan to highlight to drivers about the problems caused by fancy number plates.

It becomes difficult for the police to identify the numbers. So they have appealed to citizens to use simple number plates as per the rules.

Joint Commissioner Rajendra Sonawane had taken the initiative to launch the drive against fancy number plates. Sonawane has been informing the traffic police about fancy number plates he observes on the road while driving. Several number plates were seized by acting on Sonwane’s information.

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