Rise in Number Plate Cloning

Car number plate cloning is on the rise. In 2006 more than 40,000 car number plates where stolen, or cloned; a rise of 25% from the pervious year.

This worrying statistic gets even worse when you consider that many victims of car number plates theft, just like many victims of identity theft, are not aware that they have been targeted before it�s too late.

Car number plates cloning is the term given to the crime of replicating a number plate without being the registered owner of that plate and using it on the UK roads. Often criminal gangs clone number plates in order to avoid speeding tickets, congestion charges and to sell stolen cars.

The rise in number plate cloning is thought to be because of the Police forces new reliance on automated detection systems such as speed cameras. These systems only take note of the car�s number plates and are, in many cases, still unable to determine who was driving the vehicle.

The UK Police force are working closely with the DVLA to revamp current UK registration plates, trailing a microchip tracking system that can determine if a number plate is genuine or if it has been cloned.

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