Why a new number plate will help sell your car.

Thinking of selling your car? See how new plates make your car look cleaner and sharper!

What steps do you take when selling your car?

Give it a good wash, polish and hoover the inside? Maybe even give the car a full detailing?

Old vs New Number PlateOne thing that is often overlooked is getting a new number plate made and fitted. Over time number plates can become a bit tatty, faded or even damaged, which can really let the look of your car down and make it look un-cherished.

Fitting a new number plate to your car when selling it will help freshen up the look of the car and help hide it's age, even with it's age in full view. Before you take photos to list your car online, just take a look at your front and rear registration plate and look for discolouring, cracks or peeling backs. If it looks tatty, then it will detract from the your car, no matter how clean you have made it.

A tired number plate shows potential buyers that you haven't given your car the love and attention that they will want to give their own car, so head over to our plate builder and create your new plates now.

Another top tip is to fit a clean and simple number plate surround to help improve the look of the front and rear of the vehicle. Have a look at our plate surrounds here.

Other top tips when selling your car:

  • Don't just throw in an air freshener, you don't want it to have a smell that overpowers potential buyers.
  • When washing the car, don't forget to open the doors, boot and bonnet to clean the areas only visible when they are open.
  • After cleaning your alloy wheels, roll the car forward a little bit to see the wheels from a different angle and spot any bits you missed.

Design your Number Plate

The DemonPlates Number Plate Maker allows you to design a registration plate using a number of advanced customisation options. When you enter your new registration number you are shown a preview of the plate in seconds.

In February, Smithfield Town Council approved a design for a special license plate along with a resolution allowing the town to begin collecting the necessary pre-applications and fees to submit to the DMV.

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