State changes its plan for new number plates

The state Department of Vehicle Licensing (DOVL) has changed its plan for configuring new seven character number plates, which will be issued starting this month.

Initially, the DOVL said the new number plates would have seven characters, consisting of a number, a letter, two more numbers and then three letters (1X11XXX). The DOVL said that pattern would meet the needs of law enforcement.

But after a deluge of complaints from the public that the plate characters would be too hard to remember, the DOVL has decided the new plates will have three letters followed by four numbers (XXX1111).

No new number plates with the abandoned configuration were manufactured, so the change won't result in any additional costs or waste of materials, said the DOVL.

The new configuration will yield around 130 million possible combinations.

Neighborhood vehicle licensing offices state wide will begin issuing the new seven-character number plates after exhausting their stock of the current six-character plates. This means the new number plates will be available at different times at different locations around the state.

The overall appearance of the vehicle number plates will not change. They will still feature the usual animal emblem currently in use.

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