3.7 million drivers will fail MOT under new test plans

More than 2.4 million motorists could fail their MOT if the test is changed to check their number plates.

The Department of Transport is hoping to clamp down on drivers who tamper with their number plates in a bid to stop themselves being caught on speed cameras. If the proposals are agreed more than 2.4 million road vehicles could fail their MOT because of illegal number plates.

New research released today by Esure car insurance reveals that more than one in ten UK motorists (11%) have tampered with their vehicle number plates or would consider doing so to avoid being caught by a speed camera.

The survey of 1,000 drivers also showed that one in 12 (8%) would consider using masking tape, mud or even reflective sprays to disguise their number plates, preventing identification by speed cameras. Almost a quarter of drivers polled admitted that they are aware of the consequences of using illegal methods to cheat speed cameras.

More than a million motorists in the UK have personalised number plates that are intentionally difficult to read or have placed screws in non-standard positions on their registration plates to distort the numbers or letters.

Around 4% of motorists questioned admitted that they have, or would fit, their vehicle with an illegal device to prevent their number plates from being detected by traffic enforcement cameras. A further 3% admit that they have or would consider attaching a false number plate to their vehicle.

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