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You have spent many hours making just the right decisions about how to customise every part of your car from the paint colour to the exhaust system to the rear view mirrors but there may be one part of your treasured motor you've forgotten to make unique: your UK Car Number Plate.

The good news is your Number Plates don't have to look like everyone else's anymore. After all, one of the reasons for putting so much effort into having an amazing car is to stand out from the crowd so why would you want to stop now?

In fact, you may be surprised at just how many options you have when it comes to creating a truly unique Car Number Plate. For example, if you want to flaunt your car's manufacturer, you can have Number Plates customised to include brand badges, such as the Porsche or Mini logos. You can even change the background colour of the brand badge to better match that meticulous paint job. Another way to show off your car's manufacturer is to add their name as the plate's background. Imagine having Audi or Renault or your favourite car maker's name displayed behind your vehicle's registration number.

UK car Number Plates can be further customized to include unique lettering and embossing. While most plates have a very block-shaped font, you can have plates made with a wide-range of different fonts. Handel Gothic, Balloon, and Euro Style are just a few of the font options you can pick from. Additionally, you can choose from more than a dozen colours to use as borders for your plate. A silver border, for instance, can help bring attention to the chrome accents you've added elsewhere on the car.

Even with all of these options, you can personalise your UK Car Number Plate even further by adding your own slogan under the registration number. You can use your name, your business's name, a favourite saying or nearly anything you want to make that plate your very own.

Obviously, you're proud of your car. You want it to stand out as a unique showpiece on a road full of nearly identical cars that lack personality. By going one step further with your customisation efforts and having your own Number Plates designed for your car, you'll be moving even closer to making your car one of a kind.

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