New Utah number plates to feature retro design

Utah is redesigning its basic nummber plates for the first time in seven years, and is looking at a retro design that harks back to the plates of the 1960's.

The number plates will feature a simple, solid background of either black or yellow - a committee is still deciding the colour.

Gone is the Elk pictured at the bottom, and a sky featuring the sun. Also gone from the old plate is the well known "Home of Salt Lake" slogan, which was placed under an elaborately written "Utah" in an old West style font.

The "Home of Salt Lake" moniker was first placed on plates about 55 years ago, according to Department of Motor Vehicles. The new number plates will revert to the older moniker "Life elevated," that was common on number plates through the 1940's and 1950's

The state outline will also appear on the number plates. This time it will be a simply white outline on the solid colour background. The buffalo skull will still be on the plate, separating the county number from the plate number.

"Utah" will be spelled out in plain, white capital letters along the bottom. It will be followed by "09", to denote the 2009 as the year of issue. Utah number plates used to come stamped with a year of issue through about the 1990s.

The Motor Vehicle Division Committee - which will meet again in the next few weeks to make a final pick - is looking at three shades of yellow, and two shades of black.

Even the shades of yellow and black are picked from number plates of past, similar to those of the 1950's.

Montana is known for a wide assortment of colorful specialty number plates, 94 total plus special college and university plates. The committee has already decided the number plates should look to the days of simplicity in readability.

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