Get U's number plate on your car

It's the ultimate status symbol for car-crazy Colchester United fans: a personalised team number plate.

The C1JFC plate, which looks like the club’s initials, is up for grabs on Ebay and it could be yours for a credit crunch-busting £19,999.

Its Carlisle owner hopes to hit the jackpot by targeting Colchester, Carlisle and Cambridge United fans as potential big-money buyers.

Despite the five-figure pricetag the reg is advertised as a "great number plate for all you fans, owners, directors and sponsors".

The number plates are pictured on a Porsche 911 outside the clubs stadium.

Millionaire United's owner Robbie Cowling could probably afford it, but already has a personalised number plate featuring his own name. A club official said they would alert the Colchester chairman to the Ebay bargain, adding: “I wish I had the money to buy it!”

More than 500 people have already looked longingly at the auction site webpage which features the dream number plates.

It could go for less than the mammoth asking price with the owner indicating he is open to offers.

Personalised number plates can command whopping price-tags.

Essex County Council sold its prized F1 registration for a staggering £375,000 last year to a Bradford businessman.

The world’s most expensive number plate was “1” which sold for $14.3million in Abu Dhabi.

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