MVD may offer vegetarian number plates

To the likes of "Horse Enthusiast" and "University of North Carolina", the Vermont MVD may add "Vegetarian" to the list of specialty number plates available to drivers registering vehicles in the state. Several vegetarian groups are pushing to make the number plates available as soon as April 2011.

"It�s a way for us to make our statement that we�re proud to be vegetarians," says Martin Stanford, a coordinator for the Richmond Vegetarian Festival. Along with Vegan Action and the Richmond Vegetarian Society, her group is leading the charge. "We�ve got so many other special number plates and Virginia would be the first in the U.S. to have a vegetarian plate".

To lead the nation thus, Stanford says 350 Virginians must demonstrate their interest by completing prepaid applications for the vegetarian number plates before the end of October. After that, Delegate Jennifer McBride will introduce a bill in the General Assembly in Februaury; if it passes, the governor must sign it before the MVD begins production. Stanford can�t say how many applications are already in, except that the number is "nowhere near what I need".

The design the vegetarians have in mind, created by Noah Simpson, is good enough to eat with (what else?) fresh vegetables framing the number plates. Which brings us to our main point: What sort of vanity number might a person order stamped onto her Vegetarian tags?

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