Govenor vetoes bill for new number plates

Govenor Jan Brewer has vetoed a bill that would have allowed four new specialty number plates to be created.

The Senate Bill would have created specialty number plates and raised funds for various disease and childrens charities.

"I share the goals of the bill sponsor to create awareness and a funding source for these important causes" Brewer noted "unfortunately this bill as amended contains a flaw that could easily have been fixed, but wasn't."

The Legislature had previously approved the seven new number plate designs. However the governor did sign a bill allowing two other number plates, one for the Arizona Soccer Club and the other for EMS (Emergency Medical Services).

It takes at least 3 months before the laws allowing the new number plates go into effect.

Once the green light is given, the organisation has to drum up over $30,000 in fees to cover start-up costs. Designers then set about creating the number plates and law enforcement agencies check to make sure that plate numbers are easily readable. The number plates then go into production at the state prison.

Motorists pay a yearly fee of $25 to obtain the special number plates, most of which goes to charity and the rest goes toward the State Highway Fund.

The state currently has nearly 40 special number plates.

"They are a way to support causes that people feel strongly about, and have something different on your number plates at the same time," a Motor Vehicle Division spokeswoman commented. Her own specialised number plates supports a childrens charity.

In the meantime, new number plates will continued to roll out. Recently, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Arizona Life Coalition had the right to have the slogan "Choose Life" on their number plates, citing free-speech. Opponents argued that number plates were no place for controversial statements, raising concerns that plates with political slogans would soon be seen on the road.

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