Make Your Own Number Plates

Demon Plates sophisticated number plate builder allows you to personalise your car or bike registration.

The plate builder presents you with tabs at the top with options that help you along each stage of your design. Those sections are described on this page.

  1. Your Reg
  2. Plate Size
  3. Text Style
  4. Badge
  5. Border
  6. Background
  7. Slogan

Your registration

First you need to enter your registration. We will make the plate up exactly as you enter it here so be careful not to mis-space or mis-represent the numbers.

The registration number you enter must be you real registration. It's illegal to just make one up and use it on the UK highway.

Select number plate size

Here is where you enter the sort of vehicle the plates are for and the size of the plates. Choose from:

  • Standard Number Plates
  • Motorcycle Number Plates
  • Import Number Plates
  • Model Specific Car Number Plates

Choose a text style

This section lets you select from a large list of fonts for your plate. Choose from Standard, 3D Carbon, 3D Text, Akbar, Eurostyle, Impact, Stencil BT, Balloon, Gill Sans, Porkys, Superglue, City Medium, Handel Gothic and Slicker.

Please be advised that only three styles of text are legal:

  • 3D TEXT

Choose a badge

Here you can select a badge to display to the left of the number plate and you can also choose a background colour for that badge.

A badge is a cool way of personalising your plate and you can choose from country badges, football teams, car makes and models as well as other novelty emblems such as the playboy bunny and tasmanian devil.

Number plate border

The border can really make the plate. You could match the background of the badge here or choose a contrasting colour. Or you could choose not to have a border. It's up to you.

Number plate background

Like the badges there is a great choice of backgrounds for your number plate. Alternatively, you might be happy having a plain background. The backgrounds are made up of tiled logo's. Try it and see.

Add a slogan to your number plate

This is where you can have some fun. Traditionally this area has the name of the garage where the car was purchased but when you make your own number plate you can put what you like here. Some ideas are:

  • Your nickname
  • Favourite Football Team
  • An amusing statement
  • Your business name or website address

Go on, use your imagination

Make Your Own Number Plate

Demon Plates do not sell registration numbers, we simply make the plates.

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