Personalised Number Plates

Personalise your show plate with a design that means something to you.

When you use our online platebuilder to design your car show plate you get to choose from many styles, colours and themes that aren't available at the traditional high street retailers because they are simply for designing uk road legal plates. We do those too but we also know that when you take your car to the next cruise, exhibition or show you will want it to be personalised with its very own unique number plate design.

Themes, backgrounds and badges include:

  • Football Teams
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Personal Interest themes including hells angels and playboy
  • Ghost backgrounds
  • Choice of colours for backgrounds, borders and badges
  • Space for a Slogan
Personalised Number Plates

Demon Plates do not sell registration numbers, we simply make the plates.

Over 12 Years in the number plate design business

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