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Some people are unaware that proper identification and valid DVLA paperwork are required in order to purchase number plates within the United Kingdom. This sensible UK law is designed to stop the practice of auto cloning. However, the process of presenting the right ID and documentation isn’t too complex or long-winded. It’s actually a simple and straightforward process and completing it quickly should not be a problem. To assist you with getting your plates in a timely fashion, we will begin to manufacture your new number plates as soon as your payment is processed.

In order to comply with UK laws, you’ll need to send crisp pictures of your ID and DVLA-approved documentation to our company via electronic mail. When you do this in short order, you’ll be able to get your number plates as soon as possible. Please consult our list of accepted documents in order to find out what you will need to digitally photograph and email.

Our company provides registration plates – however, these plates will need to be fitted by our customers. Whilst we are proud to provide number plate fitting services at our location, a lot of our clients live far away. This is why we want to provide some practical tips right here. First, you should know that there are a couple of ways to fit plates. The first is sticking them on and the second is screwing them on.

If you like, purchase one of our fitting kits for number plates. This kit will contain screws, as well as screw caps (for those who want to drill number plates into place). Sticky pads will also come in your kit, so you’ll be able to choose the “stick on” process if you prefer this method. If you decide to drill, be sure to clamp number plates downward so they won’t move – also, be certain to drill via the back. If you’re going to use the sticky pads, you’ll need to utilize a trio of the pads for each number plate.

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We’ve been creating registration plates for autos and bicycles for over fifteen years. This is why choosing us today will be such a wise decision. We know exactly what we’re doing and we offer standard-sized plates, which may be CNC-routed in order to make them a perfect fit for almost any make or model of auto or bicycle. For example, if you want registration plates for a Rover 75, an S-Type Jaguar, an Aston Martin DB9 or another type of luxury car, you’ll find that our ordering system allows you to specific your make and model, with a mind to getting number plates which will fit as they should.

We machine our plates in the United Kingdom, in our Greater Manchester based facility. If you need our contact information, check our “Contact Us” Web page – it includes our telephone number and address. We send out number plates daily, as long as we receive the legally required ID and documentation.

Some people want to order “show plates” online – if you do, you should know that these types of number plates are not legal items and this is the reason why you won’t be able to get them from us. There are shady dealers who will sell these illegal items to customers and most don’t work from actual shops/retail outlets. Instead, they take care of things from their own homes and then sell their handywork on Internet auction websites.

You won’t be able to trace most dealers of these illegal number plates – they keep their contact information carefully hidden in order to avoid prosecution. When you buy illegal number plates, you probably won’t need to supply ID and documentation, simply because you’re participating in an illegal transaction. Be cautious about buying these sorts of plates – a lot of people never get what they order and have no recourse to do anything about it.

We’re not in the business of offering personalized registration numbers. If you wish to have particular plates made for your motor, you’ll need to own that registration number and you’ll have to prove that you own it by supplying us with identification, as well as your approved DVLA paper (images of these items may be emailed – you will not need to send originals). We are not allowed to send out finished plates until we have the right ID and documentation. There are other places to order personalized plates – check out this option if you’re interested…

Give your new auto plate more style and protection by purchasing our well-made and affordable plate surrounds. We offer five different styles, one of which is bound to be perfect for your needs. These are available for backs and fronts of registration plates (or for both).

When you order via our company, your personal and financial details will always be protected. We don’t share our customer data and our website is secure.

Some of our customers prefer to skip online ordering and order from us via telephone. If you would like to order by phone, just call us at 0161 343 7053, from Monday to Friday, from nine a.m. to five p.m.We’re standing by in order to offer caring customer service by telephone.