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Welcome to Demon Plates’ quick and easy online number plate maker.

Our number plate builder will allow you to create and view your reg plate design in a variety of sizes prior to placing your order on our secure server. Just click here and follow the instructions to make your personalised number plates for less - you'll love it.

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Designed to stop car cloning, we require proper identification and valid DVLA paperwork to purchase number plates for road use. However, presenting the correct documentation is a simple process.

To comply with UK laws, please email clear pictures of your ID and DVLA-approved documentation to [email protected]. Please consult our list of accepted documents to find out what you will need to send across.

To speed up the manufacturing process, we will make your new number plates as soon as we process your payment. We will send them out as soon as we receive the required paperwork and proof of ID.

We provide registration plates, but unless you come to our unit, you will need to fit them. There are a couple of ways to install new number plates: either by sticking them on, or screwing them in.

Our fixing kits contain sticky pads for the simple “stick on” method - you’ll need three pads for each plate. They also have screws and screw caps, for those who want to drill number plates into place. If you drill, clamp the number plates down so they can’t move, and drill from the back.

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We’ve been creating customised registration plates for over fifteen years. We offer standard-sized plates, which may be CNC-routed to make them a perfect fit for almost any vehicle.

Our ordering system allows you to specific your make and model for certain luxury cars, ensuring your plates have a perfect fit. We make all our numbers plates onsite at our premises in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester.

Demon Plates do not manufacture show plates.

We only create new and replacement road legal number plates.

No. If you wish to have a set of private number plates made for your motor, you must own that registration number, and email us the required ID and DVLA paperwork. The DVLA must assign personal number plates, which must not be modified or transferred to new vehicles.

We can’t send out finished plates until we have the right ID and documentation.

Personalise your new reg plate more flair and protect it by purchasing our plate surrounds. We offer three different styles. You can also choose country flags, religious symbols, and other badge designs, as well as 3D, 4D Perspex, and domed text.

These services are all available for both front and rear registration plates.

Your personal and financial details are always safe with Demon Plates. We do not share our customer data and our website is secure.