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An Introduction to BMW

BMW, a German automotive powerhouse, traces its roots back to 1916, initially as an aircraft engine manufacturer.

Known for its iconic blue and white roundel emblem representing a spinning aircraft propeller, BMW has evolved into a symbol of luxury, performance, and innovation. The brand's commitment to the "Ultimate Driving Machine" is reflected in its diverse lineup of sedans, SUVs, and sports cars.

Over the years, BMW has consistently pioneered cutting-edge technologies, emphasising performance and sustainability.

What is the Size of a BMW Number Plate?

BMW number plates adhere to standard UK specifications, measuring 520mm in length and 111mm in height.

Our online number plate builder ensures precision in crafting plates that meet these exact dimensions, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your BMW.

Compliant with legal requirements, our plates maintain the sleek and uniform appearance synonymous with BMW vehicles. Order with confidence, knowing that our plates not only align with industry standards but also uphold the distinctive aesthetics of your BMW, making a seamless and stylish addition to your vehicle.

BMW Replacement Number Plates

Upgrade your BMW's appearance with precision-crafted replacement number plates using our online builder.

Whether you seek a straightforward replacement or wish to personalise your plate, our online tool facilitates a hassle-free process. Select from various fonts, styles, and colour options to tailor your BMW number plate to your liking.

Elevate your driving experience by ordering your replacement or personalised BMW number plate through our online builder.

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Personalised Number Plates for BMWs

Customise your plate effortlessly through our online number plate builder, choosing from a range of fonts, colours, and styles.

Enhance the exclusivity of your BMW by incorporating a sleek BMW logo into your personalised plate—a subtle yet distinctive touch that sets your vehicle apart.

Whether you're replacing a worn plate or seeking a unique identifier, our online number plate maker guarantees a smooth process, allowing you to effortlessly design and order a bespoke plate that perfectly aligns with the sophistication of your BMW.

BMW Logo Number Plates

Elevate your vehicle's aesthetics and showcase your brand loyalty with a sleek and legal design.

Adding the BMW logo not only aligns with the manufacturer's visual identity but also enhances the overall appeal of your car. Ensure a distinct and sophisticated look that sets your BMW apart.

Order now for a seamless online experience, creating a unique and branded number plate that complements the essence of your luxury vehicle.

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BMW i8 Number Plates

Elevate your BMW i8's road presence with personalised number plates.

Enhance visibility and make a statement with a custom design. Our online number plate builder ensures a perfect fit for your i8, combining functionality with aesthetics.

Stand out on the road while maintaining legal compliance, showcasing your individuality and adding a touch of sophistication to your BMW i8.

BMW e30 Number Plates

Boost road visibility for your BMW E30 with a personalised custom number plate.

Our plates, crafted to legal standards, provide a distinctive touch to your classic E30, ensuring it stands out with style.

By combining unique design elements and compliance, your personalised plate enhances the aesthetics and visibility of your E30, making it a statement on the road.

Number Plates for BMW M Sport

Upgrade your BMW M Sport's visibility with a custom number plate.

Enhance road presence and distinguish your M Sport with a unique plate, combining functionality with personalised flair.

Opt for a bespoke design that aligns with your vehicle's aesthetics and promotes road safety by making your car more easily identifiable.

How to Remove a BMW Number Plate

Removing a BMW number plate is a straightforward process.

Locate and unscrew the screws holding the plate in place, ensuring they are fully removed.

For models with plastic caps covering the screws, gently pry them off.

Once the screws are out, the plate should come off easily.

If the plate has adhesive pads, carefully peel them off. Exercise care and precision to ensure a smooth removal, leaving your BMW ready for a replacement number plate or any necessary adjustments.

Purchase a BMW Number Plate

Transform your BMW experience with a bespoke touch. Craft a distinctive plate that complements your luxury vehicle—order your custom number plate today and redefine your road presence!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure my BMW number plate meets UK legal standards?
Make sure your BMW number plate adheres to UK legal dimensions, usually 520mm x 111mm, and uses legally compliant fonts and spacing.
Are BMW number plates customisable?
Yes, the website offers a variety of add-ons to choose from, allowing you to customise your BMW number plate to reflect your personal style.
Are there custom number plates available for specific BMW models like the i8 and E30?
Yes, personalised number plates are available for specific models such as the BMW i8 and E30, tailored to enhance their unique aesthetics.
Can I add the BMW logo to my custom number plate?
Yes, you can add a BMW logo to your number plate, ensuring it matches the brand’s aesthetic while adhering to legal standards.
What are the benefits of upgrading my BMW's number plate?
Upgrading your BMW's number plate can enhance its aesthetic appeal and maintain compliance with legal standards.
How do I remove an old number plate from my BMW?
To remove an old number plate, unscrew the retaining screws and carefully peel off any adhesive pads.