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An Introduction to Dexta

Dexta, specifically the Fordson Dexta series, is known for its reliable and durable tractors. These tractors have a rich history and are cherished by farmers for their robust performance and efficiency in various agricultural tasks

What is the Size of a Dexta Number Plate?

The standard size for Dexta tractor number plates is typically 520mm x 120mm. This size ensures visibility and compliance with legal requirements for agricultural vehicles. Our plates are designed to fit perfectly on your Dexta tractor, enhancing both its appearance and functionality.

Dexta Replacement Number Plates

If your Dexta tractor's number plate is damaged or lost, our replacement plates are the perfect solution. Made from durable materials, they withstand the harsh conditions of agricultural work. Keep your tractor in top condition with a new, high-quality replacement plate.

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Personalised Number Plates for Dexta Tractors

Personalised number plates add a unique touch to your Dexta tractor. Whether it's a special message, your farm's name, or a unique design, our personalised plates are crafted to meet your specifications and stand out in the field.

Fordson Dexta Number Plates

Enhancing your Fordson Dexta with a custom number plate can improve both its appearance and functionality. A well-designed plate not only makes your tractor look more professional but also ensures clear identification, which is crucial for farm management and security.

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Fordson Super Dexta Number Plates

For the Fordson Super Dexta, a personalised number plate adds a distinctive look to this powerful model. With its advanced technology and robust performance, the Super Dexta deserves a number plate that reflects its capabilities and your personal style.

How to Remove a Dexta Number Plate

Removing a number plate from your Dexta tractor is a simple and quick task:

  1. Ensure the tractor is safely turned off and parked on a firm, level surface.
  2. Inspect the number plate to find the small release tabs or push pins.
  3. Use a flathead screwdriver to gently press the release tabs or push pins.
  4. Carefully lift the number plate from the bracket, ensuring not to bend or damage it.
  5. Clean the bracket area to remove any dirt or debris before attaching the new plate.

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