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When buying numbers plates, which documents are legally required?

Some folk know and some folk don't ....... in order to acquire number plates for use in the UK, then you the buyer needs to provide two items of documentation. One to prove who you are and the address you reside at and the other is to prove that you have some form of association with the reg number you are buying. This is very easy and both items can be emailed, faxed or posted over to us to ensure immediate despatch of your order.

Yes this law is a minor inconvenience but it is there for a good reason. It is there to ensure that you and I do not get speeding / parking tickets because some crook has cloned your vehicle by acquiring number plates from a company operating outside of the law (which we do not).

Providing the documents required is a very easy process. The acceptable documents are detailed here :

Please ensure that you have the necessary items to email to us as we cannot cancel or refund your order once it has been placed.

Demon Plates have always been and still are the most reliable and most reputable supplier of number plates on the web. We want to get your plates out to you the same day as you order so send us the required items and we'll blow you away with the speed of our service.

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