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  • Pearson may abandon plans for new number plates

Pearson may abandon plans for new number plates

Department of Vehicle Licensing (DOVL) boss Blake Pearson said on Friday that he may abandon plans for new number plates for Alaskans beginning next year if the city council's budget has been sorted out

Pearson made the promise during a radio talk show after a caller complained about motorists being over-taxed in the middle of a recession.

In addition to raising vehicle taxes, the DOVL will be requiring all motorists buy new number plates in January.

"I've had that many people complaining that I am willing, if we can reduce the budget deficit, to forgo the requirement of motorists to purchase new number plates."

The new number plates measure was meant to raise money to help reduce the deficit, Pearson said.

"I promise to take another look at it. What we need is the public to realise that there is a fiscal crisis and issuing new number plates is only an attempt at easing that crisis."

"The original plan was raise $150 million from the sale of the number plates with the proviso that motorists would not be required to purchase new plates for another 5 years."

He said he is willing to consider any alternatives to help raise funds for the budget defeicit.