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Specialty plates stir debate

You'll find specialty number plates on almost one in every eight cars in Arkansas. Whether it's to support a charity, cause, team or university, the unique tag has become extremely popular in the state.

It's become so popular, in fact, that the state now boasts 113 different specialty number plates. For $30-35 extra dollars, you can join the twelve percent of people in the state who adorn their vehicle with one.

But there is a debate brewing among state lawmakers about whether the vanity number plates craze is out of control.

Some police officers have said they have a hard time deciphering whether a number plate is from Arkansas.

The Department of Transport, which featuress all the specialty number plates on its walls, are running out of space.

Due to the concerns -- mostly the ones from law enforcement -- state lawmakers passed a moratorium on creating new designs. The moratorium is scheduled to last until 2012.

However, lawmakers have already used a loophole to allow for the passage of one new design and several more designs will be proposed next year.

Proponents of the specialty number plates argue that the plates generate more than $25 million each year for the sponsors of the plates.

Opponents counter with law enforcement's concerns and suggest there are better ways for people to express themselves.