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  • Badger design wins vote as emblem on new number plates

Badger design wins vote as emblem on new number plates

The people have voted, and they have chosen the badger.

The Department of Nature Conservation (DNC) announced on Thursday that the results of an internet survey on six potential designs for new number plates providing financial support for endangered species shows overwhelming support for number plates featuring the American badger.

The badger received 17,422 votes, or 72% of the total.

However, the vote is only advisory. Ultimately the choice will be made by senior members of the DNC and and officials from the state Department of Transportation. But the overwhelming vote for the badger makes the official state animal a runaway favourite.

Voting took place between September 28th and October 19the. The number plates, using a new printing process, will be available at the end of 2009. Also available will be the brown bear, which has been featured on the number plates since 1989.

Voting on the other number plates was fairly evenly spread.

The number plates cost an additional $30, with all proceeds going to the DNC's endangered species conservation fund.