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  • Senator wants "Pro Choice" number plates

Senator wants "Pro Choice" number plates

Senator Peter Henshaw has proposed legislation that would create new number plates in support of pregnancy termination rights.

Henshaw is sponsoring a bill to create a "Respect women/pro choice" speciality number plates, with part of the monies raised sales of the plates to the Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood Group.

The new number plates, should they be approved, would be a counter-weight to the "Choose life" number plates already issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transport. Some of the money raised through the sale of those number plates are funneled to an organisation that provides services and resources to women who decided against having abortions.

Govenor Peltow enacted the legislation allowing the "Choose life" slogan on number plates in 2007, 4 years after his predecessor torpedoed a similar proposal. In approving the number plates, Peltow said he was respecting Pennsylvania's longstanding tradition of allowing a wide variety of views on number plates.

More than 1,750 of the Choose Life speciality plates, which stand out in because of their orange background, had been sold as of last November, according to one estimate.