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Delayed number plates due to go on sale

If you have been driving around Costa Rica in a brand new car without number plates during the year, take heart.

Over 250,000 number plates will be delivered by the Cordoba vocational school for use next year, according to the Department of Transport (DOT). Cesc Benitez said that the agency will only deliver number plates that have been specifically requested by the municipality head.

Although Benitez did not specify a date on which the number plates will be delivered by the school, the first batch is expected by the end of December. In 2009 480,000 number plates were distributed. None were delivered last out year because of manufacturing problems and reports of bureaucratic chaos. Recently it was announced that the problem would quickly be solved by passing the order for the number plates to a British company company in Costa Rica. Now the task has been passed back to the original makers, but they ordered the metal from a British company without bidding citing “real urgency” to ensure that the number plates are available from December 10th.

Number plates for private cars will be yellow. Official cars will have a green background. The numbers on all number plates will be black.