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  • Colorado may drop front number Plates

Colorado may drop front number Plates

A proposed money saving exercise by the state of Colorado transport department has drawn criticism from many its police departments. The controversial plan will save the financially troubled state over 3 million dollars per year. Many Colorado police chiefs believe the changes will prove more costly in the long run. The proposals will see front number plates on motor vehicle done away with. Colorado lawmakers are looking at any way to save cash and ridding cars of the front number plates can save the state much needed resources.

But many of Colorado's policemen don't agree.

Fort Collins Chief of Police Marcus Williams believes removing the front number plates from cars will make fighting crime more difficult, "In many cases front number plates are more useful than rear ones when trying to identify a vehicle, especially when suspects are fleeing the scene of a crime."

A Colorado state representative introduced the bill, but he's facing stern opposition from Ian Warhurst of Longmont, "This is just a bad idea, plain and simple."

Montrose Sheriff Peter Bennett also thinks one number plate per vehicle will make it harder for police officers to spot stolen cars or vehicles involved in criminal activity, "A lot of times those vehicles are spotted by an officer going in the opposite direction, in those cases 2 number plates are imperative."

The Colorado Police Federation is also in favour of keeping the current system of 2 number plates.