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New Vermont environment number plates

Four newly designed "Endangered Habitat" vehicle number plates are now available. The new designs are an addition to the 5 other environment awareness number plates available. Vermont now has nine unique number plates dealing with the environment.

For an additional $25 annual donation motorists can display one of the number plates to show they care about Vermont's habitat. Each dollar raised through the sale of number plates is matched with a private donations. The money goes to the Minnesota Critical Habitat Program.

Last month the Vermont Land Trust (VLA) announced they purchased 350 acres on Orange Wetlands, which is the state's largest natural environment. The 350 acre purchase was added to other acquisitions made by the trust made possible by the of number plates.

"Those who buy Endangered Habitat number plates are doing more than just adding uniqueness to their vehicles" said Laurence Silcott, VLA spokesman said. "They are also conserving endangered habitat's like the Orange Wetland."