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How to Replace a Car Number Plate

Swapping out a number plate may seem a simple task to carry out, but you need to ensure it's applied to your vehicle correctly, as the consequences can be worse than you think.

If you need to purchase replacement number plates and fix them on your vehicle, this comprehensive guide is here to assist you.

Here, we will highlight how to fit a new car number plate, shedding light on the nuances involved in the process.

The importance of a number plate extends beyond its functional role. It serves as a legal identifier for your vehicle, contributing to road safety and adherence to regulations.

Furthermore, a well-maintained and thoughtfully chosen number plate can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car, allowing you to make a statement on the road - so you won't want it looking wonky as you leave your driveway!

Replacing number plates is easy; here’s how!

When May I Need to Replace My Number Plate?

Before moving into the process fully, it's essential to understand why you might need to change your number plate.

Common reasons include wear and tear, damage, or simply wanting to upgrade to a personalised plate.

It's crucial to have a valid, clear, and properly displayed number plate for legal and aesthetic reasons.

What You Will Need for Fitting a Number Plate

To ensure a smooth process, gather the necessary equipment before starting. Here's a list of items you will need to fit your number plate:

  • Phillips screwdriver: For attaching the number plate to your vehicle.
  • Drill: Necessary for drilling holes if you choose to use screws.
  • Drill bit for drilling into plastic: Applicable when your vehicle's bumper or panelling is plastic.
  • Number plate fixing kit: Typically includes screws, screw covers, and sticky pads to secure the plate.
  • Marker pen or pencil: Used for marking hole positions accurately.

Remove Existing Number Plate

If you're replacing an old number plate, start by removing the existing one.

Carefully unscrew or detach it from your vehicle, making sure to preserve the screws if they are still in good condition.

If your plate is secured with sticky pads, gently peel it off without damaging the vehicle's surface.

Decide Between Screws and Sticky Pads

Before proceeding, you must decide whether you want to use screws or sticky pads to attach your new number plate. The choice between these methods largely depends on your vehicle and personal preference.

Instructions for Fitting a Number Plate with Screws

Mark hole positions

Use a marker pen or pencil to mark the points on your vehicle where you intend to drill holes. Ensure the marks are level and spaced correctly.

Drill holes

Carefully use the drill with the appropriate bit to create holes in the marked positions. Be cautious not to damage the vehicle's surface.

Attach the number plate

Place the number plate over the drilled holes and use the Phillips screwdriver to secure it with the screws. Ensure the plate is level and securely fastened.

Cover screw heads

Use the provided screw covers to conceal the screw heads, providing a neat and finished look.

Instructions for Fitting a Number Plate with Sticky Pads

Ensure a clean surface

Both your vehicle and the back of the number plate should be clean and dry to ensure strong adhesion.

Attach the sticky pads

Apply the sticky pads to the back of the number plate, ensuring an even space, and adhere securely.

Position the number plate

Carefully align the number plate with the desired location on your vehicle, applying firm and even pressure to attach it securely.

Where Can I Get a Replacement Number Plate From?

If you're looking for a replacement number plate, you can obtain it directly from us here at Demon Plates.

If, for some reason, you decide to purchase from elsewhere (we’re not sure why you would though!), ensure that the plates you purchase meet legal requirements and standards to avoid any issues with authorities.

Remember, we take away the worry of getting it wrong thanks to our years of experience.

Additional Considerations

When purchasing a replacement number plate, consider factors such as material, design options, and legal requirements. Here at Demon Plates, we offer a user-friendly plate builder to customise your plates, ensuring they meet aesthetic and legal standards.

Now you know how to change a number plate quickly and safely.

To conclude, replacing a number plate requires the correct equipment, careful consideration of screws or sticky pads, and adherence to the provided instructions.

By following our step-by-step guide, you can replace your number plate confidently, ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing and legally compliant. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us